CEESEN as an organization

In 2022 we formalized the Central and Eastern European Sustainable Energy Network as a non-governmental organization based in Estonia under the CEESEU project.

CEESEU is closing in 2023, but our devoted work with the CEESEN network has just started, and is advancing under our new CEESEU-DIGIT project.


The aim of CEESEN (the Central and Eastern European Sustainable Energy Network) is to increase communication, cooperation and interaction between local public administrators,stakeholders and policy makers at multiple levels and in multiple directions. CEESEN is a great low-carbon economy knowledge base, a voice for the region at the EU level and a platform for connecting public administrators, policy makers and other key actors working for low-carbon economies in the CEE.

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The vision of CEESEN (Central and Eastearn European Sustainable Energy Network) is to guide the CEE on sustainable energy and climate action in accordance with EU 2050 climate neutrality goals and ensure that the specific operating conditions of the region are considered in EU decision making.


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06/09/2023 To 07/09/2023

Sustainable Municipalities Conference

1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 98. (Hungary)

We invite you to Budapest to discuss how your municipality addresses climate adaptation and mitigation plans and how to make

06 SEP, 2023
08:00 – 17:00

BUDAPEST, Magnet House



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