Laurențiu Miheț

Laurențiu Miheț

Technical expert

Laurențiu Miheț is working as technical expert at Alba Local Energy Agency – ALEA. Since 2014 it was involved in multiple EU projects concerning energy and climate. Having a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering and with the help of specialized GIS software and other tools, he will be able to showcase relevant facts about climate challenges and their current and future impact on municipalities.

He has experience in training of municipal staff regarding topics concerning climate change mitigation and adaptation, also being involved in the establishment and operation of ANERGO - the first regional energy Observatory in Romania, with extensive knowledge in acquisition, modeling and analysis of energy and climate data.

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Day 2 | Workshops & Site visits 07/09/2023
11:00 - 12:30

4th WS: The practice of nature-based solutions for climate adaptation and water retention

Bojtorján room

Why this workshop?
In this workshop, participants will get an impulse on how climate adaptation and water retention can be implemented in practice. Sofver-based heat mapping (heat waves and Urban Heat Islands) and nature-based water retention measures can help to find the roots of the local problems and the best solutions. During the workshop participants will work in small groups and theoretical and practical knowledge about this topic can be learned via real case studies.