23 Jun

Meet the CEESEN Partners: TREA, Estonia

Tartu Regional Energy Agency (TREA) only energy agency in Estonia. TREA has been established in 2009 by Tartu City Government and Tartu Science Park. TREA supports the energy transition of South Estonian region and actively participates in international cooperation networks, introducing the latest examples of innovation across Europe.

In recent years, TREA has been more involved in nationwide actions in cooperation with Estonian ministries, dealing with housing sector and local energy management and is one of the forerunners in energy poverty and energy communities’ developments in Estonia.

TREA provides technical consultancy and expertise to homeowners in field of reconstruction and energy management for homeowners, and has participated and is participating in various reconstruction, renewable energy and energy community projects. TREA experts deal with energy management at the building level, also at the household or organization/company level, at the municipality level and state level. TREA professions are energy efficiency of buildings, renewable energy systems, energy communities, fostering cooperation between public and private sector.

TREA team