Hector Charles Pagan

Hector Charles Pagan

Sustainability Programme Manager

Hector C. Pagan has over 15 years of experience lecturing on public policy, public management and civil society issues; currently he holds the position of Head of Grant Writing Unit and also leads the sustainability applied projects at the Centre for Applied Social Sciences at the University of Tartu. He also has also conducted workshops and trainings for adult learners in a wide range of fields, including project management, fundraising and policy analysis.

He has worked on numerous international research projects, including the H2020 Projects PANEL2050 – Partnership for New Energy Leadership 2050, CEESEU – Central and Eastern Europe Sustainable Energy Union, and CEESEU-DIGIT – CEESEU Design and Implementation of regional Government Initiatives for a just energy Transition. These projects work on improving the capacity of local level actors to implement sustainable energy transition and improve multi-level governance. He also has over twenty years of experience working with civil society /third sector organizations in the United States and Estonia from various fields including energy management, environmental science and social services.


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Day 1 | Plenary Day (Morning) 06/09/2023
09:05 - 09:15

Introduction of CEESEN network

Hector Pagan