23 aug

Network, play and win on the first day of the conference

  • By CEESEN Support /

Take part in the networking game, get to know the conference participants better, learn about the CEESEU project partners and win!
Win not only valuable and useful prizes, but also long-term professional relationships.

How to play

The game lasts till (day 1) 16:30, till the end of the afternoon coffee break.
The drawing of the winners will take place at the end of the conference during the Closing Notes.

  1. LOOK FOR YOR PRE-MADE GAME CARD with your name on it in your pass holder.
  3. DROP THE COMPLETED GAME CARD in the box at the CEESEN registration point till 16:30.


  • Join the CEESEN network!
    If you haven’t registered yet, you can do it online or visit the CEESEN registration point during the conference.
  • Initiate conversations and collect at least one name/signature from a participant who is not from your country.
  • Check the SECAP exhibition and find which city had the most ambitious CO2 reduction goal (in %) for 2030. Write its name on the dotted line.


1 main prize: 100% recycled Rubik’s Cube – the reconsidered and sustainable version of the well known Hungaricum
3 WWF prizes with local handicrafts


CEESEN Membership registration
SECAP documents created during the CEESEU project