Nele Ivask

Nele Ivask

Community energy projects manager

Nele Ivask is working for Tartu Regional Energy Agency (TREA) since 2017 as a community energy projects manager and thematic expert.

During various EU projects, she has been involved in the preparation of policy recommendations for community energy in the Baltic Sea region as well as the development of the first Renewable Energy Community handbook in Estonia. A large part of her daily work in TREA is raising awareness and communicating the topic of energy communities to various local stakeholders, both from the public and private sectors. Since March 2022, she is the main organizer of regular energy community roundtables in Estonia, which brings together all energy community stakeholders from all levels – from national to local, community level.

All Sessions by Nele Ivask

Day 2 | Workshops & Site visits 07/09/2023
11:00 - 12:30

3rd WS: Energy communities as one solution for energy security

Rekettye room

The workshop will focus on link between energy communities and energy security. We will discuss the solutions and challenges of implementing local energy communities in CEE region and how these can increase the local and regional energy security and resilience.