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Catering related information

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Coffee breaks

We are planning 15-minute coffee breaks:

  • 2 on the plenary day from (from 10:45 & 16:00)
  • 1 between the workshops (from 10:30)

– with coffee, refreshments, and baker’s cakes.


As promised, all registred participants of the conference are our guests for a lunch on both days.

Any registred guest will get a dedicated lunch voucher, the value of the voucher is going to be 6.000 Ft (six thousands HUF), which is approximately 16 €. Within this limit you can purchase any foods in the MagHáz Restaurant’s daily menu for free.

Lunch voucher template

Important information!

  • one voucher can be validated only once, and after you leave the cashier you have no chance to use it again;
  • the voucher is valid only in MagHáz Restaurant on a dedicated day;
  • if you exceed the defined money limit the gap amount must be paid immediately by yourself on site (in cash (HUF) or by card);
  • FYI: the cost of an average lunch (incl. soup/starter, main course and dessert) is about 4.500 – 5.500 Ft, so this limit will fully cover the accrued lunch expenses in 90% of the cases.

It is expected that you will be able to choose from these dishes:

(you can download it in version)

LUNCH | 6 . September

LUNCH | 7. September